Embroided Shawls

Beautifully hand embroidered wool shawls make an excellent purchase that you would cherish for years together. Made of soft wool and Pashmina, these shawls are popular all over world.

This exquisite embroided shawl reflects in the details of its two 5" borders the glorious artistry and craftsmanship of the ancient time, enhancing its beauty with gold and silver metallic threads, embroidery threads, and tiny pearls and beads. Four designs are available for this beautiful

The beauty of the nature is captivated by the skilled artisans of Kashmir, India taking months to create an expensive embroidery needle which two pieces can never be duplicated, is finally adorned the pashminas. A higher loom item and --- hottest pursuit item.

Kashmir- the valley of flowers has become synonymous with its a embroidered shawls all over the world. Here

you would find incredibly soft, painstakingly crafted and hand embroidered shawls that are designed to perfection.

These cashmere wool shawls are amazingly soft and rich of hand embroidery that makes them a beautiful accessory straight from the heart of Kashmir.

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