We offer only the best quality scarves. All of our scarves are #1 quality "firsts"- grown, woven and then sewn. The hems on all four sides are hand-rolled and sewn with 100% silk thread. Although the silks are untreated and are ostensibly "ready-to-dye", we have found that with silk in general, occasionally small amounts of silk gum (the stuff left by the moths) is still in the fabric. Where there is gum, the fabric will dye lighter. Look for shiny areas in your silk - if there are any you should wash it before dyeing or wash all silk if you want to be really safe.

We take the modern concept and lifted it up to unseen highlights utilizing gradients and the multitude of colors possible in digital printing. The CAD work is exquisitely utilized in this unique creation of a silk scarf.

Our designers spent weeks to create this unique design based on the best graffiti seen around Internationally. It is an exquisite detailed creation never seen before. It will appeal to the connoisseur appreciating artists movements in our society today and wanting to poses a piece of it.

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