We Master the Art of Creation!!!

We have an exclusive and wide collection of Stoles, Sarongs. Our Stoles are made keeping in mind the latest trends in the fashion world. The Pure Cashmere Stole is made from the softest grade of Cashmere wool.

The thing that's amazing about our stoles is that just dyeing them a solid color with either Cotton or Silk dyes yields a fabulous result. The rayon fill yarns and the silk backing fabric dye in different shades - very neat!

Pure Pashmina Stoles made with 100% GENUINE Pashmina wool. Have 3" tassles at each end. Pashmina is the Indian name for cashmere wool.

Pashminas are very light, yet incredibly warm. Their innate versatility and style, allows the wearer to use them as a scarf with a winter coat, an accessory over a sweater or suit, a luxurious stole for formalwear, or just as the classic Pashmina Wrap.

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