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Our manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for weaving, Dyeing and Finishing is unmatched in the industry. Our unit is fully equipped to undertake in house production power looms, jacquards, dobby looms.
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Standard Iso woolmark

New pashmina collection

In order to offer to our customers, partner brand, products that always meet their expectations better, in line with fashion trends while maintaining the highest standards of quality, we rework some of our products every year. If last year we had chosen to rework our scarf range, this year we decided to rework our Pashmina shawl range.

From this point on, we had to define the policy for modernizing the collection. The direction to take. We therefore launched a survey among our customers and prospects to find out what their expectations were, what their end buyers were looking for and also the fashion trends in scarves, textiles and colours depending on the country.

The results of this pashmina market research were very mixed, as we expected, as our customers' expectations are so varied.

While some brands and shops were waiting for us to move down the range, with prices but above all a lower quality, we chose to meet another demanding, premium and luxurious clientele in search of high quality products. We have therefore worked to offer you a new range of high quality pashmina.

Work on our new collection

In order to develop our collection we have worked in collaboration with different partners, customers and brand specialized in pashmina and scarf in cashmere as well as pashmina&cachemire the specialist on the French and European market of pashmina or kashmirloom shawl.kashmirloom.
We then chose three axes in order to offer high quality pashminas


Work on wool

Logically in the reworking of our pashmina range and its move up the range we have wanted to improve our wool purchases, to weave our shawls, stoles and wools in the finest quality wool available. For this reason we travelled all over Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Tibet and Mongolia to meet the best breeders, retailers and wholesalers of Pashmina and Kashmir wool. It is among the nomadic Chang ra breeders of Ladakh that we found the finest wool there is.

Our new pashmina wool

Work on patterns and embroidery

In this rework we wanted to propose for our collection of pashmina scarves with patterns to offer beautiful traditional embroidery of Kashmir. But for that we knew where to go and so we went to meet her with many shawl embroiderers in the Srinagar region. This allowed us to grasp the essence of these embroideries, but also to recruit one of this master embroidererer for our workshop.

embroidered pashminas

Work on colours

Finally, to finalize this new collection, we also wanted to offer a pashmina colorama, elegant, with powerful, unique and totally trendy colors. For this reason, we met different colorists and textile design studios and found a colorama corresponding to our ambitions.

our pashminas colorama

So if your wich to order some of our pashmina of our new collection for next season, don't loose time to contact us, to receive sample and quotation.

We are one of the largest manufactures & exporters of indian shawls, jacquard shawls, pashmina shawls, silk stoles, scarves, textiles, and mufflers.