Shawls Exporters

Prince Textile is a leading organisation engaged in the manufacture and export of the Woolen fabrics and textiles from India. Our products are a perfect blend of rich texture and fine raw material.

We are a premier producer of luxury shawls. Our shawls are considered to be the best and most admired. Our products are made from finest material. Our manufacturing is based on the traditional concept of Kashmir.

At the very end of the 18th century, the development of power driven machine looms finally enabled European shawl manufacturers to begin to produce shawls able to compete with Kashmiri ones. While these machine-made shawls were never to achieve the quality of shawls, brilliance of color and fascinating design of the originals they could compete in price - in fact they were cheaper. To the novice buyer they looked identical and eventually these affordable imitations changed the perception of a Kashmir shawl from a distinctive and precious commodity to a rather commonplace and normal one.

The first shawls produced on these machine looms were quite simple in design because the looms and weaving mechanisms were not able to produce the complex patterning and color variation found on Kashmir.